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Wanna guess where we bought our overpriced souvenirs?,Mark Rovner has an insightful post about the current state of fundraising and non-profits For many years the paper publication TV Guide made more money than all of the 3 major TV networks it guided combined,You can remake that choice every day, in fact
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It works for movies, for wine, for stocks,You can even set your iPod to speed up the spaces between the words so you can hear the whole thing faster But when we start delivering numbers with that level of accuracy, people can't help but believe them,Google wasn't a tactic, it was a game-changing strategy
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Start marketing the idea that flying is safe, like driving, but it's not perfect, like driving,Since the 'factory' work we did is now being mechanized, outsourced or eliminated, it's hard to pay extra for it the difference now is this: more people than ever are creators,The very same tools that permit organizations to synchronize their efforts are now available to you and to me
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And there's nothing like the face of a kid eating a Hershey's bar,Or to carefully study anonymous comments, tweets and online reviews from people who don't like the work you're doing The first type of class is important but not scarce,Yes you should be aware that asking for referrals can help
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